Good Student deserves Good University

US VIP Consulting Case

Mike H.

We made contact with Mike H. via a Los Angeles agency. Mike is a US high school student who had already had an initial college application round. However, the result was less than expected. After identifying the pain points in his application, we decided to take a gap year and had him reapply. Through another round of application, along with an internship at a tech firm, an updated ACT test score, in addition to scholarly research work done, we were able to successfully help him obtain admission at Columbia College.


We engaged with HDE 3 years ago in Beijing during her spring break vacation. HDE is a student born in northeastern China but grew up in both Hong Kong and Beijing and now resides in the United States. When we first met HDE she was a student that just transferred from her Beijing international school to a US private high school, 9th to 10th grade transfer, as her family decided to EB5 investment immigrate into the United States. Prior to embarking on her studies in California, we helped her to establish a strategic plan of execution for getting into a top 20 school, which involved carefully planning her course selection, extracurricular activities, and summer plans.Before our work together, HDE didn’t really know what she wanted to do. However, through a series of designed trial and error involvements, HDE was able to gradually discover her interest in Economics and how an economics way of thinking can help solve efficiency problems. Through a connection with a California-based economics program, we were able to assist in her gaining admittance into a top economics and leadership summer program that furthered her desire for a data-based economics approach to solving inefficiencies. Thereafter, we applied and enrolled into Pioneer Academics where she was able to work with an esteemed US college professor on econometrics research. We then appliedher learnings into reality by starting a data-driven solutions club at her high school to solving campus inefficiency problems. During one problem, we worked together to creatively think how to maximizing club fundraising goals given limited amount of time. We then established with school faculty a process by which club fundraising can be posted onto school website to allow for quicker community donations. In the end, clubs were able to fundraise and reach targets at a 30% increased pace!Critical to HDE’s self-discovery of her passion in data-driven processes in solving problems is also her unraveling of her personal stories that gives light to her identity as a holistic and fearless problem solver. Given her upbringing in Asia, there is a tendency that she recognized to obey and follow authority without question. However, in experiencing how Chinese education reprimands her initiatives to better her school and community, she leveraged the opportunity in the US to make changes she finds crucial to make schools work better. However, through her telling of when she also faced a roadblock in her US high school of a similar nature as when her Chinese faculty denied her proposal, we helped her to realizethat sometimes processes are just as important as compared to the end efficient result, that efficient results also need to factor in humane processes that gives dignity, respect, and due process to the “why”things are sometimes the way they are rather than always pushing for the “should”. In the end, HDE was able to reach an “elevated understanding” and “personal maturity” in understanding problems of inefficiency and that was the core of her application main essay.Through involving in directed guidance in her activities as well as her application strategy, we were able to successfully help HDE gain admittance to UChicago’s Economics program. Indeed, I am proud of the result, but more rewarding was in helping HDE discover her true passions in addition to seeing her grow to becoming a well-rounded, holistic, critical thinker.

UK VIP Consulting Case

Miss Y

Miss Y’s primary school was at basis bilingual in Shenzhen and she had achieved average results. Secondary school she went to 深大师院(The Affiliated International School of Shenzhen University), and studied till Year 9 and completed IGCSE with multiple Bs and Cs. Miss Y got in touch with us in fall of Year 10. Through her work with us, we made admissions and study plans for her. After a year she achieved A* in IGCSE Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, and Economics. She also successfully transferred to SCIE, the most reputable A-Level school in China. She also joined Cambridge Summer Camp in Year 10 summer, and completed Harvard online course in year 10 summer. She also achieved high marks in the Economics division of John Locke Essay Competition in Year 11. After year 11, she attained summer internship with Ping An Bank. She also participated in paper production with two separate professors from Cambridge and Princeton in Year 11 summer. She achieved A* in Mathematics, Economics, Further Mathematics, and Sociology. Through her studious work with us, she finally was admitted into Cambridge Economics for Economics.